Folder Watchers

Folder watchers are responsible for monitoring folders. Files inside these folders will be processed, in case they match the rules you have defined, by the actions that are defined in the matching File pattern. Set up folder watchers for folders that you want to be automatically organized on schedule or constantly.

For example, let's assume that you are used to download videos from the web to 'C:\Incoming'. You have probably defined a file pattern with a 'move' action, to move all video files to 'C:\Videos'. In that case, you would probably want to define a folder watcher to monitor 'C:\Incoming'. Video files that are discovered in 'C:\Incoming', will be automatically moved to C:\Videos.

You may define as many folder watchers as you like and associate them with whatever file patterns you desire.

Creating a Folder Watcher

Start Hygeia > Choose Folder Watchers from the welcome screen > Click the '+' button

Define a folder watcher Creating a folder watcher is quite easy. Start by choosing a folder to scan. You can tell Hygeia to also scan sub-folders by selecting the appropriate option. The next step is to select the file patterns to be applied to the selected folder. There are cases where you would like only specific file patterns to be applied rather than all of them.

The last step is to choose the scan method:


Continuous scan will discover files as soon as they are created, renamed or deleted. It is possible to set the relevant trigger, as you can see in the picture. Hygeia will check if the discovered files match any of the existing file pattern, and handle them if they do. If the 'Scan folder when Hygeia starts' option is selected, Hygeia will also process existing files, regardless of whether they are new or not.


You can choose the days on which Hygeia should process your files. On the selected days Hygeia will process any relevant files inside your folder every hour.


Hygeia will ignore the folder watcher.