Hygeia offers a very handy set of actions that will handle your data and process your files. When a file or folder satisfies a file pattern’s conditions, it is being given to the first action so it can start handling it. When the first action completes the handling, the file or folder are being given to the second* action and so on.

Some actions allow you to pass a different file to the next action

What are the available actions?


Copy and move your files and folders easily by using the ‘Copy’ or ‘Move’ actions. In the ‘Target folder’ area you can specify the new location of your files. Note that you can use data extractors for dynamic destination folders.

You can have Hygeia create the target folder for you, in case it does not exist (recommended). If you want the new file or folder to be handled by the next action, select the ‘Move new file to next action’ option. It is also possible to tell Hygeia if it should continue and executing the next actions in case this one fails.

In case the destination already contains a file with the same name as the one we are trying to copy, you can specify what Hygeia should do. The options are doing nothing, renaming the file (automatically) or overwrite the existing file.

The ‘Folder copy’ section is only relevant when the object being copied is a folder. You can specify what should happen when the destination folder contains a folder with the same name as the folder that the action is copying. In case of file conflicts when choosing to merge folders, Hygeia will use the ‘If file exists’ settings to figure out what it should do. Select the ‘Copy sub folders’ option if you want Hygeia to copy the entire folder structure. Otherwise, it will ignore sub folders.


Rename your files and folders by giving them a different name. The new name can be created dynamically by using data extractors.

You can specify what Hygeia should do in case of a conflict – leave the file name as is, rename it or rename the other file. You can also specify what should happen if you are using data extractors which are invalid for the file in question.


The Delete action deletes the file or folder it handles. You can specify if you want to delete the only the object it handles or also its containing folder.


Same as the Delete action, only that instead of deleting objects, it moves them to the Recycle bin.

Upload Image To Facebook

Enables you to automatically upload your photos directly to Facebook.

Image Resize

Easily resize your photos. This action also enables you to change the quality, and the format of an image.

Open file

You can choose to open a file using the default application (if one is associated) or manually browse for an application.

Launch application

This powerful action will let you launch any application, using any command line arguments you can think of. Selecting the ‘Hidden mode’ option will prevent the application you’re launching from displaying dialogs and windows, use it only if the application does not require any user inputs.

Ask before processing

This action enables you to decide, in real time, if you want to let Hygeia handle the file in question or not. The action also enables you to supply a message, in case you decide to skip the file handling.


This action prevents the next action from being executed for a given amount of time.


Automatically unpacks a zip file. It is possible to specify a destination folder or to use the file’s location.

Process another file or folder

The file or folder that is specified in this action will be handled by the next actions.

Add to ignore list

Adds the given file or folder to the ignore list. The file or folder will never be handled by Hygeia anymore.