One-time Watch And Quick Watch

One-time Watch

Start Hygeia > Choose One-time Watch from the welcome screen

Hygeia - One time watch You may apply sets of Rules & Actions to a folder without the need of holding a permanent Folder watcher.

One time watch is being defined exactly like a folder watcher, the only difference is that it's configured for a single folder processing. The scan on demand capability allows you to organize folders that don't usually change, or even folders on external devices such as USB sticks, DVDs and so on.

Quick Watch

Start Hygeia

Hygeia enables you even a quicker way to organize your file system. To perform a Quick Watch for files and folders, drag them into the empty folder image in the main screen. The folder will become full to indicate that Hygeia is ready to process the files or folders. The quick watch searches for a matching set of Rules & Actions from all of the available sets, and choose the first one to match. If a folder is being quick-watched, the files inside that folder will be handled one by one and not including sub folders.

Hygeia - Quick watch