Get Started

Hygeia is powerful and complex tool, but yet very simple to understand and use. So simple, that all you need to know in order to get started is how to define Rules, Actions and Folder Watchers.

Make sure to download Hygeia, if you haven't already!

Hygeia - Rules


Tell Hygeia which files should be processed

Hygeia - Rules screenshot

Rules are a set of logical conditions that describe the type of files or folders you want to automatically process. Consider those rules as filters that decide which files will be processed. Rules can be based on filters such as file name, creation/modification/last access date, file size, MP3 tags and more! In order to save time you can use the ‘Kind’ rule which enables you to use pre-defined file types (video, music, etc.). There is no restriction on the amount of rules created. Learn more about Rules...

Hygeia - Actions


Tell Hygeia how to process the files

Hygeia - Actions screenshot

Define Actions to handle your files and folders once they are discovered by Hygeia. Hygeia introduces powerful actions such as copy, move and rename, but it also gives you the option to dynamically use data from the files it handles. Read about Data extractors and learn how to use metadata such as Time stamps, MP3 tags, EXIF data, etc. Advanced users will find our Operators feature very useful since it enables to manipulate the metadata in different ways. Learn more about Actions...

Hygeia - Folder Watchers

Folder Watchers

Tell Hygeia where to search for files

Hygeia - Define Folder Watcher screenshot

Keep your pc organized simply by setting up folder watchers to monitor your folders. A folder watcher is very easy to define. You only have to select a folder to be watched, the File Patterns to track down and the scanning method. You can choose to perform an automatic scan of a folder (including sub-folders if desired) by schedule or continuously in order to organize your pc. Learn more about Folder Watchers...