Hygeia Features

Silent, efficient worker

Hygeia works in the background, doing its job silently, consuming a small amount of memory while organizing your files and folders. With Hygeia you can automate almost every process or workflow you desire.

Friendly and easy

Configuring Hygeia is easy, manually organizing files is not. Set Hygeia up to do those kinds of things for you! Define folders to monitor and file patterns (sets of rules and actions) in order to organize your data in just a few easy steps. Unlike other products out there, the monitored folders are not part of the ruling mechanism, meaning, you can apply a single file pattern to as many folders as you want.

One-time watch

Sometimes you want to organize a specific folder, without setting up a folder watcher to monitor this folder permanently. A one-time watch will help you with doing exactly that.

Quick watch

Drag the files or folders that you want to organize and drop them on Hygeia's logo on the main screen. Hygeia will organize these files and folders, based on all available file patterns.

Facebook integration

Use Hygeia to upload your photos directly to Facebook. Photo sharing has never been easier!

Data Extractors and Operators

Data extractors will allow you to use properties of the files being organized. They can be used, for example, for moving your images to a folder, based on the date they were taken. You can use Operators in order to manipulate data from data extractors. For example, you can extract the season number out of a TV show video file, and use it to give a name to the destination folder.

MP3 tag reader

Hygeia can read tags from your MP3 files, you can use MP3 information when defining rules and also when defining actions. The MP3 tag reader becomes very handy when organizing your music. For example, you can organize your music in folders according to the name of the artist.

Integrate with external workflows

Hygeia provides an important action, the 'Launch application' action, that will help you execute whatever program or batch file you can think of, with whatever command line you need (including data extractors), and by that enables you to integrate any kind of workflow into Hygeia.


Hygeia exposes an API for .NET developers. So, if you are a .NET developer, you can easily create new types of Rules and Actions and even publish them here. For more information, please contact us.