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Basic File Handling
Easily perform common tasks: Copy, Move, Delete, Recycle, and Open
Image handling
Post photos to Facebook, Resize images, Extract EXIF data from image file
Organize Music
Organize your music based on ID3 tags, automatically add new songs to your playlist.
Integrate with external workflows
Launch external applications, Change handling context, Ability to develop custom plug-ins
Additional advanced actions
Rename, Unzip, Wait
Data Extractors
Data extractors can read data from your files, so you can use it to create smart and dynamic actions.
Manipulating data from Data Extractors can help you with automating complex tasks

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Note that Hygeia licenses purchased on or after February 19, 2011 qualify for a free upgrade to Hygeia All licenses purchased earlier require a paid upgrade. Paid upgrade will grant you upgrades for 1 year.