Hygeia is an intelligent, versatile product that makes your life easier by helping you to automate your everyday tasks in a slick way. Hygeia offers a wide range of capabilities such as file relocation, bulk renaming, deletion of files, posting images to Facebook, and much more.

Hygeia - Automate your everyday tasks
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Hygeia is designed to simplify the way you maintain your computer and handle your data.
It enables you to automate day-to-day processes and tasks very easily in just a few steps.

Hygeia - Organize Files


Copy, Move and Rename your files based on pre-defined rules and actions

Hygeia - Organize Music


Organize your music files based on ID3 data tags, and automatically add them to your playlist

Hygeia - Organize Photos


Resize and arrange your photos by using Hygeia's Resize action and EXIF reader

Hygeia - Share on Facebook


Share your photos with friends on Facebook without moving a finger

Hygeia - Launch Applications


Dynamically launch external applications and integrate them into the workflow

Hygeia - Extend Hygeia

Extend Hygeia

Develop your own .Net plugins for Hygeia to extend its capabilities

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