I am using Hygeia Lite, how can I upgrade to the full version?

In order to upgrade to the full version, you'll have to uninstall Hygeia Lite and than install the full version. Make sure to back up your settings file (see next question) before uninstalling Hygeia Lite. After installing Hygeia Full put the settings file back in its place. Make sure that your version of Hygeia Lite is the latest before uninstalling it.
If you are using Last Handled Date rules you should also back up the ProcessInfo folder which is located next to the settings file.

Where are my settings saved?

You settings file is saved in *[ApplicationData]\Purllow\Hygeia\Settings.dat. The settings file is automatically backed up when upgrading to a newer version. However, if you wish to uninstall Hygeia, it is always good to back up it manually for the future.

I lost my activation key. What should I do?

You can recover your activation code here.

Why are my files being handled everytime I start Hygeia?

That's because the 'Scan folder when Hygeia starts' option for your Folder watcher is turned on.

Hygeia process files before they are ready. Why?

This problem happens when the program that creates the file does not lock it while appending data into it. Some browsers for example are working this way (e.g. Firefox). There are several solutions to this problem, and some of them are specific to the program that creates the files. While some programs will allow to change the behavior of writing data into the file, some programs do not have this capability. In order to overcome this issue in cases where it's not possible to change the behavior, it is possible to use the ‘Wait’ action – it will allow specifying the time to wait before actually start working on the file. This way the program can be set to wait for several hours for example, which will allow the file to be fully created.

I'm downloading files from the web and Hygeia process them before the download is complete. How can I prevent it from doing so?

Read the previous answer.

I get "Facebook actions are only allowed to our Facebook fans, or to full version users" message when trying to upload images to Facebook, what's the problem?

If you are using our Lite version, you must be a fan in order to be able to upload images to Facebook. Go to our Facebook page and hit the 'Like' button. If you still get the same error, remove Hygeia from your Facebook Apps, download the upgrade installer from Here, And try again after installing Hygeia.

I get 'Hygeia Setup Wizard ended prematurely' while trying to install Hygeia. What is the problem?

Make sure .Net Framework 3.5 and .Net Framework 4 are installed on your machine, and try to run the Setup Wizard again.

I can't see any logs in the log view. Why?

Make sure that the following folder exists *[ApplicationData]\Purllow\Hygeia\Logs. If it doesn't, creating it should do the trick.

* If you are using Windows Vista or 7 [ApplicationData] would be 'C:\ProgramData', Otherwise 'C:\Document And Settings\All Users\Application Data'